What is Ceresglobal?

Integrating the latest blockchain technology into the diamond industry supply chain. Changing the landscape of the billion Diamond Industry, one diamond at a time.

Cutting out the

Establishing trust directly between buyer and seller by removing brokers and middlemen.

storage of records

Paperless records and attributes of each diamond are securely stored on the blockchain.


No chance of product misrepresentation, and fraudulent transactions.

Seamless cross
border transactions

Enabling international transactions by removing currency conversions and other bank fees.

Diamond Buyer

Transfers Ceresglobal
into Escrow

Upon Verification,
Diamond is transferred
to Buyer

Upon Verification,
Ceresglobal transferred
to Seller

Sending diamond
for verification

Diamond Seller

Message from our CEO

Listen to Dinesshwaran Yoogan, a diamond industry veteran, talk about the current problems and how Ceresglobal is trying to solve these problems.

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Token Distribution

Total: 98 Million Tokens

  • Token Sale
  • Community
  • Market Making
  • Company

Projected Use of Funds

Total: 98 Million Tokens

  • Product Development
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Operation
  • Marketing

Objectives and Functionality

Low Fees
Integrating the latest blockchain technology into the diamond industry supply chain
  • A global trade platform using blockchain technology aimed at improving the cost of transportation, lack of visibility and inefficiencies with paper-based processes
  • Connecting all stake holders from Mining companies to Retail customers
Diamond Track and Trace
  • Block chain based tracking for certified diamonds
  • A record of attributes, origin and history of each diamond
  • Theft prevention by authenticating and tracking the diamond
  • Track stones all through their value added journey
Decentralized Market Place
for trade in diamonds
  • Facilitate trustless transactions between diamond traders
  • Allowing anyone to buy and sell diamonds
  • Facilitate ancillary services like shipping and insurance for diamonds fulfilled by third party providers
  • Drastically cut the time required for trade transaction settlements




Powwe Henry

Head Of Operations

victor nwasuka


Jeremiah Adonis

Sales Manager




Leveraging his strong business acumen and thorough knowledge of finance and economics, Mikhail Kozlov was one of the contenders for the post of President during the last elections in the Russian Federation held in March 2018. He is also an active participant in high profile television forums where he, shares his expertise in business management and managerial resource development.



With more than two decades of expertise in crafting fine jewelry, Paolo Albertelli is a well known personality in his profession. He has always shown a keen interest in new technologies related to jewelry production and has played, an active role in promoting the Italian jewelry industry. Paolo has partnered many developmental projects that, aimed at bringing technology to lift, fine

Road Map

Q3 2019

Conduct decentralized exchanges

Implement a global diamond tracking and tracking system

Bug fixes and system improvements

Q4 2019

Add features / tools to exchange diamonds CERESGLOBAL

Continue marketing to increase awareness about CERESGLOBAL

CRS officially launched decentralized market

Negotiate for businesses to accept CRS as a payment method.

Q1 2020

Produce expert review videos for selected diamonds

Cooperative negotiations with shipping and insurance companies traded by CRS

Q2 2020

Produce expert review videos for selected diamonds

Cooperative negotiations with shipping and insurance companies traded by CRS

Q3 2020

CRS is traded by CoinExchange, SiMex, HitBTC

Promote DiaEx as a B2C diamond trading platform

Start a common awareness program to buy diamonds

Start integrating CRS as a payment method

Q4 2020

Promote DiaEx with high-class jewelers worldwide

The strategy includes colored diamonds.

Q1 2021

Roadshows at global diamond trading centers

Discover the integration of DiaEx lists with other portals

Assess the need to open an international CERESGLOBAL office

Q2 2021

Increase awareness of natural diamonds and their value

Offer free jewelry design downloads to buyers on DiaEx

Conduct workshops to explain the concepts DiaEx and CRS

Upgrade and release Version 2 of the CERESGLOBAL website

Q3 2021

Began to negotiate legal provision on the foreign exchange market.

Promote lavish diamond trading on DiaEx

Conduct webinars to train and interact with DiaEx users

Q4 2021

CRS officially exchange currencies on foreign exchange floors

Prepare for one-on-one training for CRS traders on the forex market

Develop online training materials on CRS cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange transactions

Q1 2022

Discover CRS buy / sell integration in the DiaEx website

Discuss partnerships with diamond testing laboratories

Develop a series of videos that explain diamond jewelry

Q2 2022

Start promotions, encourage payments via CRS

Special offers for regular DiaEx users

Develop DiaEx website version 2 with multilingual support

Q3 2022

Promote DiaEx at international wedding and jewelry exhibitions

Produce expert review videos for selected diamonds

Negotiating cooperation with shipping and insurance companies

Q4 2022

Promote DiaEx at fashion shows and beauty pageant events

Start social media marketing for selected diamonds

Strategy to list more CRS about cryptocurrency exchanges

Q1 2023

Start discussion with global diamond floor

Increase group mentors from the diamond industry and the cryptocurrency world.